ASA Talent & Succession Management Solutions Ltd is a Talent & Succession Management organisation that is focused on providing the right tools and services that help our clients to understand, promote and enhance the right choice, development, deployment and promotion of talents within and across their organisations.

Our structured Talent Management approach supports organisations in placing the right talents who have been prepared and equipped with the needed knowledge & skills in the appropriate positions as at when the organisations are required to do so. We constantly support our clients in maximising their Human Capital resource allocations through the use of fit-for-purpose talent assessment tools, succession planning, performance measurement, placement and development processes.

We are a team of Human Capital Development and professionally licensed talent solutions provider with extensive experience in designing and delivering of fit-for-purpose HR solutions and consultancy services. We have a team of professionals, licensed psychologists and reputable partnerships with individuals and organisations. The hallmark of our success is the ability to leverage on a pool of expertise within our faculty in delivering bespoke, fit-for-purpose and on-time talent solutions to our clients. Consequently, our services range from a one-off project assignment to the provision of an ongoing consultancy support.

Africa Licensee: Doris Sims Spies, SPHR – Talent Benchstrength Solutions, LLC


  • Professionalism
  • Execution Excellence
  • Continuous Development


…we proffer evidence-based solutions to your Talent & Succession Management needs. You’re guaranteed of our tools and support to ensure success.


We seek to position ourselves as the “GO-TO PARTNER” for talent and succession management solutions in Africa & beyond. This we will do professionally by providing practical tools and right support to our clients while modeling the tenets of our core values.


To lead among the top 3 hands-on talent & succession management solutions providers in West Africa by 2022. And, among top 10 in Africa by 2027.

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