An effective performance management process helps to translate strategy and direction into individual accountability. Be it a profit or cost centre, performance management is a critical business system and a necessity for any organisation. This is because performance management measures and links what an employee does
(objectives/key performance indicators) and how the employee delivers results (values/competencies) in line with the organisational goals.

The Performance Management process typically consists of three phases:
THE PLANNING, THE PERFORMANCE REVIEW and THE PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL. These phases represent an ongoing process used throughout the year.

We assist businesses in designing and implementing an effective performance management process which is focused on institutionalising a high-performance culture. We always aim to ensure that the process delivers on clarity of direction, clarity of expectation, provision of support, feedback and ensures that employees at all levels are held accountable for results.

Part of the essentials in HiPo selection and development. Understanding and taking the right step when a talent reaches the point of equilibrium with his/her ability and aspiration cannot be taken for granted. Talent masters need to act swiftly.
Always note that critical position can be at any level in the organisation; depending on the key focus of your organisation.
Never underestimate your potential, set a high standard for yourself, start now, do not procrastinate and, always review your progress. Trigger that Change!
Practice self-awareness, stay in control, embrace self-motivation, show empathy and, improve your social skills.


Constantly see yourself as an investment with expected ROI.

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